Halo Infinite Multiplayer Microtransaction System Is Coming Into Focus


As a free-to-play standalone game, Halo Infinite multiplayer embraces microtransactions in its business model, just like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and many others. 343 Industries has now begun to lay out its vision for Halo Infinite as it relates to what will be available in the store to buy with real money.

The studio divulged these details in the latest installment of the Inside Infinite series, and we're rounding up the key details.

Starting with cosmetics, players can unlock new customization items in Halo Infinite multiplayer at launch through a variety of means, including by spending real money. Specific price points have not been announced yet, however.

Spending money is just one way to unlock the cosmetic content, as players can also earn this through weekly rewards, grinding through the battle pass, taking part in special and seasonal events, reaching specific skill ranks, and even by achieving "various accomplishments" in Halo Infinite's campaign. You can also unlock cosmetic content through Halo's deals with brands like Mega Construx and Rockstar Energy.

In addition to cosmetic content, players can spend real money on the following:

  • Challenge Swaps -- These allow you to swap out one of your weekly challenges. These can also be earned through gameplay and other means [read more here].
  • XP Boosts -- These give players double XP for weekly and daily challenges. The boosts run for 30 minutes, though this is a non-final time as the game remains in development. Boosts can also be earned through gameplay and other means [read more here].

343 also shared some of its overall philosophy about Halo Infinite customization, saying it has a "player first" approach. "We want to ensure that we're respecting players' time for unlocks they've earned and purchases they make. For customization, this means ensuring that each unlock comes from a consistent vector."

As an example, anyone who buys a battle pass outright can rest assured that the content it contains "won't be offered via any other means." This should help players feel their purchase holds value, or at least that's the idea. Additionally, content unlocked during Halo Infinite's seasonal events won't be available elsewhere, though this won't necessarily always be the case. Some DLC from promotional partnerships that is exclusive for a period of time may eventually be released for everyone later one.

Here is a quick rundown of all the ways you can unlock cosmetics in Halo Infinite multiplayer:

  • Weekly Ultimate Rewards
  • Seasonal Battle Pass rewards (both free and premium tracks)
  • Fracture Events - i.e. the “Yoroi” / Samurai armor
  • Special or Seasonal Events - i.e. a special nameplate commemorating a real-world event, earning a Unicorn nameplate during a 343 Playdate, etc.
  • Partnership and promotional items - i.e. Mega Construx codes or Rockstar Energy Drinks
  • Skill Ranks – achieving a specific Skill ranking/tier for a season will award a unique cosmetic item
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks
  • In- game store purchases
  • Halo Infinite Campaign - some unique Multiplayer cosmetics are rewarded for various accomplishments within the Campaign

Again, 343 has not yet announced the specific price points for any of its microtransaction offerings or the battle pass. It is no surprise that Halo Infinite will have a robust microtransaction/live service offering, as a job ad called for someone to use human psychology systems to encourage people to keep coming back. As a free-to-play game, getting people to come back is essential to the ongoing health of Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Halo Infinite does not have per-match XP, and instead the game focuses exclusively on driving players into the battle pass and progressing that way.

After a big delay, Halo Infinite's free multiplayer and campaign are set to be released on December 8. The next Halo Infinite multiplayer beta test is coming up on September 23, featuring 4v4 Arena Slayer. After that, 343 will run a test for Halo Infinite's new Big Team Battle mode. Here is the full schedule for the upcoming Halo Infinite beta tests.